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  • INVEST Eligibility: INVEST is a workforce development program that assists County Adult Probationers into the workforce. To be eligible for the INVEST program, an individual must meet three criteria: 


    • Be SB-678 eligible (on Adult felony probation) 
    • Be 18 years or older 
    • Have legal Right-to-Work Status in the United States 


    INVEST Participation Guidelines: Individuals who are on Adult felony probation and who are SB 678- eligible are referred to INVEST workforce development services by INVEST Deputy Probation Officers (DPOs). The INVEST workforce development services are provided by County America’s Job Centers of California (AJCCs ). The goal of the INVEST DPO is to refer SB 678-eligible individuals who might most benefit from INVEST AJCC workforce development services to assist them into full-time, permanent employment. 

    In addition to the eligibility criteria outlined above, the following are guidelines used by the INVEST DPO on a case-by-case basis to help determine candidates who might most benefit from the INVEST program:


    • Employment Status: Either unemployed or underemployed. 
    • Time Left on Probation: Should have sufficient supervision time remaining to receive INVEST services and achieve outcomes. 
    • Housing: Given growing housing instability in Los Angeles County, and the importance of employment to help individuals achieve housing stability, those in temporary housing and/or participating in housing programs can be considered for participation. The goal is to have a stable enough base to show up to work or work preparation on-time, clean and dressed appropriately, with verifiable contact information to facilitate communication with potential employers. 
    • Substance Use: Many employers drug test. If a candidate has a history of substance abuse, he/she should be capable of remaining substance free, and/or be willing to actively participate in a substance abuse treatment program with observable progress in recovery.  
    • Mental Health: Prospective employees need to be able to show up to work and/or function appropriately on the job. If the candidate has a history of mental health issues, he/she should be stable enough to function appropriately in workforce development services and in employment. Support services are available to assist individuals with challenges in this area. 
    • Available Work Hours: Should have sufficient time to fully participant in workforce development services during the work week. 
    • Sex Offenders: No offenders with child-related crimes. There are youth programs at AJCCs, and sex offenders with child-related crimes are restricted from visiting AJCCs with youth programs.  


    Program Enrollment

    Individuals who are on Adult felony probation and who are SB 678- eligible are referred to INVEST workforce development services by INVEST Deputy Probation Officers (DPOs).  

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CCD helps thousands of *program audience* build their skills, find good jobs, and contribute to their community. CCD also connects businesses to the resources they need to find and retain qualified employees, as well as strengthen their organization.

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